Routine Dental Care

Routine Dental Check-ups

We offer routine check-ups with a full mouth examination for all members of the family. We recommend having these check-ups every six months, unless otherwise advised by your dentist.

Your dental examination will include:

  • Checking your overall dental health, including an evaluation of your risk of tooth and root decay, and gum or bone disease
  • Evaluating your bite function and jaws for any problems
  • Checking your mouth for signs for oral cancers
  • Giving you advice on lifestyle changes that may help your overall dental heath, including dietary and smoking cessation advice.

Hygiene Visits / Scale and Polish

Regular visits to your hygienist can play an important part in keeping your mouth, teeth, and gums in good health.

We recommend booking an appointment every four months.

Qualified dental hygienists are specially trained to provide preventative dental care.

They professionally clean your teeth using ultrasonic cleaners and check for signs of oral diseases including gum disease (gingivitis) and oral cancers.

Your hygienist can also offer support and advice to help you improve your oral health, which can help you to avoid serious dental problems in the future.


Dental Fillings

At David Neal Dental Northampton we offer composite fillings to fill your cavities and to restore your decayed and broken teeth.

These composite fillings give a more natural finish as they are made from a composite material that is matched to the shade of your natural existing teeth.

They can also be used to enhance the look of your smile by changing tooth colour or by reshaping disfigured teeth.

Mouth Guards

For sports and night use.

Mouth guards are worn over your teeth and gums to protect your teeth, arches and gums from injury.

At David Neal Dental, we can provide individually crafted mouth guards to protect against:

  • Bruxism / tooth grinding, which can lead to headaches and chipped teeth (night guards).
  • Sports injuries to your mouth (sports guards)


Emergency Treatment

We hold a limited number of emergency appointments for registered David Neal Dental patients who are experiencing dental related pain and swelling. Where possible, emergency appointments are given on the same day. These appointments are not long-length but we aim to remove the source of pain to give immediate relief and prepare you for remedial treatment as required.  Please see our FAQs for more information.

If in need of emergency dental care outside normal working hours, please call 01604 356562 and you will be transferred to the on-call dentist who will offer help and advice.