Patient Safety at David Neal Dental

At David Neal Dental we work hard to ensure that we deliver the highest standards of dental care to our patients – and patient safety is at the heart of everything that we do.

On this page we outline the key elements of our Health and Safety Policy that enable us to maintain our high standards of dentistry and make patient safety our priority.


We Adhere To All Regulatory Dental Standards

We follow Health and Safety Guidelines as set out by the Health and Safety Executive. We adhere closely to all regulations laid down by the General Dental Council (GDC) – the body that regulates UK dentists – and the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Our Team

All our dental clinical staff are fully qualified and registered with the General Dental Council. Everyone on the team undergoes rigorous, continuing professional development and training to ensure high standards are maintained and that they are up-to-date with new regulations.

Our Practice

Our practice is equipped with the best quality dental equipment, enabling our dental team to treat you safely. We use digital X-ray equipment that lowers the radiation dose compared to conventional X-ray processes.

Our Processes

We perform regular audits and risk assessments across all areas of the practice to ensure that our processes are safe and effective.

Cross Infection Control

Cross infection control ensures that strict cleanliness is maintained throughout the whole practice.

Our high standard cross infection systems are robust, following national HTM 01-05 guidance and CQC compliance.

  Our decontamination equipment is used to sterilise our re-usable instruments and to kill bacteria (germs).

We use single-use items where possible, greatly reducing the risk of cross infection.

Our decontamination equipment is serviced regularly to ensure the efficiency is maintained.

  Single-use gloves and masks are worn by the clinical team when carrying out dental treatments.  They are disposed of in special clinical waste containers which are collected and disposed of in line with national guidelines.

  Surgeries are cleaned between each patient using approved cleaning agents, ensuring that our high standards of cleanliness are maintained throughout the day.

Patient Examinations

Oral cancer screenings are carried out at every dental examination.